Our Projects


We provide services to a broad spectrum of clients, each with varying needs. Please view some of our projects:

Afriplex (Pty) Ltd

Since Oswald Professional Engineers Inc. started, Afriplex (Pty) Ltd  was one of our very first clients. We have completed a turnkey HVAC upgrade to their clean room manufacturing facility. Upgrades include dehumidification, cooling, BMS monitoring, BIM modeling of facility, clean room qualification and documentation.

Unique Hydra (Pty) Ltd, Muizenberg

Another Turnkey project that we successfully completed. Project management was the major task at hand and we managed the coordination of builders work, electrical contractor and mechanical contractor. We installed a 300KVA generator and upgrades to HVAC systems and anti-static server room flooring.

SunSlots, Milnerton

This project was our first BIM project for a office HVAC installation. We were the mechanical consultants in coordination with Proturnkey (Pty) Ltd.

ARCUS Consultancy Services South Africa (Pty) Ltd
Elbrecht Oswald from Oswald Professional Engineers Inc. have been involved in the Renewable Energy Industry since 2010. To date we still support the environmental consultants to provide engineering solutions. We supply ARCUS with 12 meter masts, solar power supplies and the installation thereof, in order for them to complete their environmental studies.

Our engineers are certified to work at heights and have climbed 120 meter lattice masts to install and inspect equipment.

RCL Foods

RCL was a great HVAC project for us. One of our first food processing projects. We were appointed as consultants to manage the design and council submissions. Clean room principals were applied to the extraction and supply air systems. Currently our client is considering expanding, where our involvement as consultants streamlines that process.

Unique Hydra (Pty) Ltd, SMB

Our competence in machine design enabled us to develop a launch mechanism for Unique Hydra. This unit will be mounted below a boat and used for surveying the ocean floor. Processes involved in the manufacturing thereof, includes waterjet and laser cutting, CNC milling and turning. With the procurement of two more of these devices, we are ensuring the R&D on the first one is done right.

Copperfield Studios – Woodstock

With limited height available and structural beams protruding down from the soffit, we accurately coordinated the design in REVIT. Ventilation supply systems had to be split to reduce duct sizes and beam penetrations were kept to a minimum. A VRV system for each of the four floors was designed to ensure optimal comfort for employees.

Centre Point Mall

In collaboration with Proturnkey (Pty) Ltd we were responsible for the Fire Evacuation Plan at Centre Point Mall. By making use of the existing Fire Protection signs and equipment on site, the safest routes to the assembly point had to be shown for all seven floors. The evacuation plans also needed to be installed at strategic points where easily visible for visitors.

Woodlands Dairy

In collaboration with S and W Cooling (Pty) Ltd t/a Coastline Refrigeration and Air Conditioning we designed the HVAC systems required for new production areas. Due to client requirements the design was split into three AHU’s providing the areas with the correct air temperature and humidity. It was of utmost importance that the air quality was within specification to ensure that there is no production waste created due to bad air quality.

48 Viben Avenue

With restrictive erf boundaries and many other challenges, we proposed viable fire protection solutions to resolve complex smoke ventilation requirements and escape routes.

17 Hewett Street

In collaboration with Marblesharp Nine (Pty) Ltd, we were appointed as Mechanical & Fire consultants. The HVAC design also had to cater for future air conditioning in the offices. The fire protection design was done in such a way that it ensures visible signs along the escape routes, with the required fire protection equipment. Roof ventilators were added to ensure that the smoke extraction is sufficient.

Battery Backup Systems

We have been tasked to design the Battery Backup Systems at different dwelling units, in order to provide a solution for electrical backup supply during national load shedding. Our aim is to supply a feasible, practical end easily maintainable solution to our clients.

Waterview Park 4

In collaboration with Trend Group (Trend Projects Cape (Pty) Ltd) we have been appointed to be the Mechanical and Fire consultants for DigiOutsource. Starting the design with tight deadlines, we managed to put in the hard work and successfully produced the HVAC & Fire Protection designs for two floors of office space. BIM was of great help during the project ensuring an accurate bill of materials for all phases of the project. This enabled contractors to quote effectively and minimise risk, ultimately saving the client money.

3D Printing

Our client at a personal car museum required a solution to extract the car exhaust gases via a preinstalled central exhaust air system. We offered to complete his project as he could not find suitable companies. A 3D Printed mould was printed in order to cast a polyurethane nozzle for single and double exhaust cars onto a pipe that can withstand 125 °C.