About Our Engineering Company

Oswald Professional Engineers Incorporated was established in 2016 by Elbrecht Oswald.  Our Mission is to lead by innovation, being energetic and loyal when providing quality engineering solutions that can be trusted and respected by our clients.

Our Vision is to be a leading professional engineering company that clients and colleagues respect and trust.

Company Values









Since inception, we have grown a unique and capable company. We employ people for their strength and ability to work as a team.

Elbrecht Oswald (Director)

Elbrecht is a relaxed and calm individual, always willing to go the extra mile to please his clients by being proactive and easy to speak to. He has been exposed to various work environments and collectively brings that knowledge and experience through to the workplace. He believes in building trusted and respectful relationships with his clients and employees.

By working closely with his team, any problem and deadline can be achieved.

Elisma Oswald (Financial Manager)

With experience in the accounting and auditing industry, she processes the financial information of the company. Daily, she assists the company with financial decisions as well as overviews the financial operations to ensure the financial efficiency of the company.

She also oversees the general office administration and the employee related matters of the company.

Albrecht Rens (Mechanical Engineer)

Albrecht is an energetic person who always tries to keep a smile on everyone’s face. Enjoying a good work-life balance is very important to him and he strives to excel in both. He is always willing to learn from others in order to further develop his skills and be the best engineer he can possibly be.

Albrecht is proud of the work that we as Oswald Professional Engineers delivers to clients

Dewald Grobbelaar (Mechanical Engineer)

Dewald is a driven and enthusiastic engineer, always willing to learn. Engineering is his passion, seeing that there is always something new to learn in the industry. Dewald feels privileged to be part of Oswald Professional Engineers Inc.

He believes, as engineers, we can change the world – not just study it.